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Drilling of Zirconia dioxide with a 6C polycrystalline diamond drill Ø2mm

6C Tools AG

6C Tools is your partner for drilling and milling tools for the machining of hard materials.


The 6C product catalog covers a number of drilling, milling and threading tools composed of solid polycrystalline dimaond (PCD):

Drill End Mill Thread Mill
Drill End Mill Thread Mill

Additional to the broad selection of standard products, 6C Tools offers tailored PCD and PCBN tools for your application.


6C Tools offers the development of novel tool geometries to fulfill your specific manufacturing requirements. Furthermore, consulting by application experts for the optimization of your production processes is available.


6C Tools products are optimized for the processing of ceramic materials, such as Zirconium oxide, Aluminum oxide and Silicon nitride. Further application areas are the machining of glass, Tungsten carbide and green bodies.