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PCD Drilling Tools


6C PCD drilling tools are optimized for the machining of sintered ceramics.
Currently, drilling tools are offered in a diameter range from 0.5 to 3.3mm.

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PCD End Milling Tools


6C PCD end milling tools are offered in a broad range of different diameter and torus-radius combinations. This allows for the selection of the ideal tool, particularly for the processing of small interior geometries in ceramic workpieces.

  1. ➜ Torus radius 0.05mm
  2. ➜ Torus radius 0.1mm
  3. ➜ Torus radius 0.2mm
  4. ➜ Torus radius 0.3mm

PCD Thread Milling Tools


6C PCD thread milling tools allow for the manufacturing of internal threads in sintered ceramic workpieces in small dimensions, such as M1.6 or S1.2 (NIHS).

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